Life After Death: Memories, Orbs, And Psychic Abilities.

Life After Death: 5 Years In Heaven After Declared Dead For 14 Minutes!

The concept of life after death has fascinated and mystified humans for centuries. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support the existence of an afterlife, many individuals have reported near-death experiences and afterlife encounters that suggest the possibility of an existence beyond this physical realm.

In May 2001, an author in North Carolina had a profound afterlife experience that has gained attention for its unique details and implications for the possibility of life after death.

During the author’s afterlife experience, they communicated with dark blue orbs that emitted electricity-like energy and were able to create anything they wanted with their thoughts. The author spent a year and a half processing over 5,000 memories, with each memory represented by a little round orb of energy.

Through this process, the author gained psychic abilities and a newfound purpose to educate and guide others. This article explores the author’s life after death experience, delving into the significance of memories, orbs, and psychic abilities within the context of the possibility of an afterlife.

Life After Death

Life After Death – Afterlife Experience

The afterlife experience described by the author involves processing memories and encountering the Big Three. The author spent a year and a half processing over 5,000 memories and watched a memory of them pulling the tail of their grandmother’s cat as a baby.

Her spirit guides showed the author a box with memories from their life, and the author opened the box and processed and healed all the memories inside. The experience left a profound impact on the author’s life and led to the development of psychic abilities, including intuition, empathy, and premonition dreams.

In addition to processing memories, the author also explored different realms and connected with loved ones. After processing memories, the author entered a stage of pure white and met their great-great-grandmother Karina. Karina told the author about her life, children, and husband, and predicted the author’s future.

The author’s encounter with Karina aligned with their purpose to educate people, help them with mental health issues, and guide them to be the best versions of themselves.

Life After Death – Processing Memories

To fully process one’s past experiences, it is important to acknowledge and take responsibility for any harm caused to others. This is a crucial step in memory healing techniques.

The narrator in this afterlife experience had to apologize and heal for hurting someone or something in some memories. By doing so, the narrator was able to fully process and heal all the memories inside the box shown by the Big Three.

Apologizing for past actions is not always easy, but it can be a necessary step in moving forward. It requires humility and an understanding that our actions have consequences, not just for ourselves but for those around us.

By taking responsibility for our past mistakes, we can learn from them and strive to be better in the future. This is a valuable lesson that can be applied to both the afterlife experience and our current lives.

Life After Death – Psychic Abilities

Developing intuitive and empathic skills can be a byproduct of processing past experiences, as seen in the narrator’s newfound psychic abilities following their afterlife experience.

Intuition and empathy are the abilities to perceive and understand emotions and feelings of others, which are crucial in counseling, therapy, and other mental health professions. Empathy involves feeling and understanding the emotions of others, while intuition is a gut feeling or a sense of knowing something without explicit reasoning.

These skills can be developed through introspection, self-reflection, and processing past experiences, as it allows individuals to understand their own emotions and experiences and relate to others better.

Moreover, the narrator’s afterlife experience also involved meeting a woman who sees spirit guides and has been instrumental in helping the narrator develop their psychic abilities. Mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits, is another aspect of psychic ability. Mediums can communicate with loved ones who have passed away, and their abilities are often sought by those seeking closure or guidance.

Spirit guides, on the other hand, are non-physical entities that help individuals navigate their lives and provide guidance and support. Developing psychic abilities can enhance one’s personal and professional life, as it allows individuals to understand and help others better.

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